Lexus ad banner links

Here is some digital advertising I’ve art directed for Lexus in the last couple of years.

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Innovation Full Line Expanding Video Banners

Innovation Expanding Video Banners

ABC Brand Pods with Audio and Video

ABC Expanding Video Banners

XM Nav Traffic Expanding Banners

LSh Ad Units

Yahoo Hybrid Owners Forum

ES Senses Banners

ES Style Banners

ES Satisfy Banners

The Week Magazine – Earth Week Edition

ES Mother’s Day MSN Roadblock – Email Mother’s Day Card Generator

RX Hybrid Banners

BYL Engineering Puzzle Banners

GS Practice

GS Speed Bumps

GS Rocket

GS Stocks

GS Prelaunch 12k GIF banners

RX Thundercloud Edition

CPO Between New And Used

CPO Can’t Tell Difference

CPO Fine Line

CPO Vice-Versa

CPO Eyeblaster

If you have a cool banner to share, send me a link in the comments.

Lexus Presskits

The Lexus Presskits website recieved a facelift with a collapsible horizontal scroller on the bottom. And full CMS for adding events via http interface. Targeted for 1024×764 monitors. More pages after you click the image.

No more training wheels

Do you remember your first time riding without training wheels? Lars did it this weekend at six years of age. And no skinned knees. What a blast!

Lexus Brand OOH Interactive Panels

I just finished desgning some out of home (OOH) interactive touch-screen panels for Lexus. Look for them at a mall near you. Cool stuff, fo sho. More images after you click the photo.

Drum Lessons?

I am donating drum lessons for my son’s school auction. It will be the first time to teach since college. That’s why I made this little promotional poster.

Here is a little bit of solo drumming.