Make the logo bigger


The song that inspired the name. By the band “Burn Back”. Also testing the way to code audio uploads. Looks like it works fine. You just have to use the [audio:] tag. Actual URL of the uploaded audio file goes between the colon and the bracket. Cool.

It’s actually supposed to use the ID3 tags to show the titling for the mp3 file. Not sure why this one doesn’t show, since it has all of the tags.

A few more story titles

Okay, a couple of new (old) stories came up at work recently.

  1. Burning my face with an iron
  2. Mad at the milk bottle
  3. Crashing into cars in Boston
  4. Watching a guy get stabbed in Hollywood
  5. Getting held up in Hollywood
  6. Watching a guy get his head smashed on the curb
  7. Bar fight in Salem New Hampshire
  8. Getting held up in downtown L.A.