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Global causes of death vs. COVID-19

How does COVID really rank against some of the top global causes of death? Here are the actual figures from 1-1-2020 through 6-22-2020. Please note on 4-2-2020 the speed witch which COVID surpasses Influenza.

No. It's not "like the flu." Just watch what happens around the end of March.

This chart does not include Cancer and Heart Disease–two of the biggest. But it does include some of the top killers. Most of all, it shows COVIDs meteoric rise. Make sure to watch past the end of March. That's when it really takes off.

Below is the original Flourish codebase created by Tony Nickonchuk that I used to create the titled HD movie rendering above. You can easily embed the original, but it will sadly not have a title. Tony has written full documentation of the data set and sources here: https://rpubs.com/tonynick/covid_bar_chart_race_1

<div class="flourish-embed flourish-bar-chart-race" data-src="visualisation/2562261" data-url="https://flo.uri.sh/visualisation/2562261/embed"><script src="https://public.flourish.studio/resources/embed.js"></script></div>

Flourish chart can be found here: https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/2562261/?utm_source=embed&utm_campaign=visualisation/2562261

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PIMCO Hong Kong Trams – Part Deux

I just received some nice photos of the six trams and four tram shelters that we designed for PIMCO's Q4 2017 Brand Campaign blitz in Hong Kong. This is the second year in a row that Team One created designs for Hong Kong trams. Definitely a fun project to work on, and I am happy to get photos this year - though next year I hope we can get some night shots.

One side of the trams features the headline in English "We didn't invent fixed income, but we reinvent it every day.", and the other side the same in traditional Chinese. The shelters have Chinese headlines that translate to "Architects of opportunity." "Architects of ideas." and "Architects of fixed income."

It's great to see the quality printing that was done in Hong Kong with virtual supervision via digital proofing in Los Angeles. Special thanks to my design team of Brooke Barttelbort and Brian Doyle for helping out on this extremely fast turnaround project.

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PIMCO Hong Kong Trams

In Q2 of 2017, PIMCO ran a refresh of the Hong Kong Tram Wraps I designed. The new creative featured two topical headlines for PIMCO Income Solutions: "Where can investors find income in a low-yield environment?" and "Income can't wait for the right market conditions." Both in English and Traditional Chinese.

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Unbelievably clear goldfish tank

This goldfish tank is filled and surrounded by my late mother's knick-knacks, and sits upon her credenza from my childhood home in Baker City where it catches the early morning sunlight. It also has an RGB LED light on top so looks spectacular at night.

When you sit and watch the fish in this tank, the combination of sun rays and seeing outdoors right through the tank make it seem like the fish are just floating in air.

When I first moved this tank to the window, it would bloom algae within three days of a good cleaning, and the glass would be impossible to see-through. When I switched to a Marineland C-220 whisper-silent canister filter, the algae blooms stopped and the water became very clear. When I added the (kind of noisy) air bubbler, within three days the water was crystal clear, and has stayed that way ever since. Even the growth on the ceramic pig has stopped, and that used to turn completely green.

It took many months to get this healthy ecosystem running smoothly. Time will tell if this new system can maintain the clarity.

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PIMCO Hong Kong Trams

As part of their global brand campaign from Team One USA, American investment management firm PIMCO are making a media splash in Hong Kong with a fleet of eight sexy double-decker tram wraps. Featuring brand messages in both English and Traditional Chinese, the trams are completely covered with graphic visuals. It is always exciting and challenging to design for custom media placements like these electric trams. I just received these spectacular location photos from the media outlet, and they put a big smile on my face.

If you see one of these bad boys on the street, please take a photo and send it to me.





Here are some of the other original concepts I designed. (more in slideshow)





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Super sexy Boosted Board Dual+ 2nd generation unboxing photos will take your breath away


My all-new Boosted Board Dual+ 2nd Generation finally arrived. I had to make a detailed record of its structural perfection. Because, you know, it is not going to look like that for long. Enjoy.











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Raunchy Designer Valentines Day Cards


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569 eCards since Monday, February 15, 2016.

My most popular post ever on Instagram.




Original Cupid by Yasmin Alanis

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Eloise Dielman

[FinalTilesGallery id='8']

Remembering Dorothy Eloise Dielman (Reynolds)
April 3, 1940 - September 7, 2015

Scroll down this page to view a photo tribute spanning the life of my mother, Dorothy Eloise Dielman, beginning with the facebook post I wrote the day she passed away. Mouse over the thumbnail images below to reveal captions, or click on an image to view the slideshow.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words. Please feel free to leave your comments following the photos.

Lars and Eloise at the S&W Country Diner. Culver City, CA. 2004

[FinalTilesGallery id='9']

My beautiful and kind mother, Dorothy Eloise Dielman, passed away at home yesterday afternoon with her beloved dog Ozzie snuggled on her lap and her husband, daughter and son holding her hands. The one person who has been by my side since the moment I was born is now gone. She had amazing positivity and will to live, and after being diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer survived for six full years of brutal chemotherapy. Her body may have failed, but thankfully she was lucid and smiling right up to the end, and was able to make calls to family members and lifelong friends to say goodbye.

For those who did not know my mother, she was a great teacher and mentor, and affected countless lives in positive ways. She taught English at colleges and high schools and was a favorite of many students. Even those who never had her as a teacher. That is because she genuinely cared for everyone, and was the kind of person to whom people gravitated to get help with their troubles, both academic and personal. Mom had ex-students who graduated in 1985 visiting as recently as Saturday.

My mom taught me compassion, and how to care for others. She has been crucial in support of the boys and me during the divorce, and I have spoken with her once or twice a day since it started two years ago. She was so relieved that it is finally over. I can’t imagine how we will all survive without her sweet, reassuring presence. You’ve always had my back when I was down or in trouble, and were my greatest cheerleader in all of my endeavors. Thanks for giving us six years to prepare for this moment. I am happy you no longer have to struggle to get a breath. I love you, mom.

The photo above is a shot of mom that I love taken in 2004, before cancer, that shows up on my phone when she calls me.

Nels Dielman, September 8, 2015.

The early years growing up on the farm.

Eloise was born in a former log school house on Green Peter Mountain east of Sweet Home, OR, delivered by her mother's aunt. Until age 18 Eloise lived in a two-story log house further down the mountain on the north bank of the Middle Santiam River. Shortly after graduation from high school the family farm and house were covered by Foster Dam.


[FinalTilesGallery id='2']

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Grade school at Sunnyside, a two-room country school house.

Eloise attended her first eight years of schooling at the two-room Sunnyside School up Quartzville Road from her home. The precocious Eloise taught herself to read before she entered first grade. Her teachers allowed her to work a couple years ahead of her classmates. Eloise was valedictorian of her eighth grade class, having gotten straight A's for eight years.

[FinalTilesGallery id='3']

Teen age years through graduation in 1958.

During her teens Eloise earned money in the summer picking strawberries, working in a bean canning factory, and in the box office of the Sweet Home movie theater. As she had in grade school, Eloise played flute in the high school band, and played piano for a local dance band. Having earned straight A's through four years of high school, Eloise was selected co-valedictorian of the graduating class of 1958.

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Young woman raising a family and living in Germany for a year.

Eloise attended Eastern Oregon College of Education (now Eastern University) in La Grande, where she met her husband, Gary Dielman. At Eastern they started a family with birth of daughter Katrina in 1960. Eloise interrupted her studies to follow Gary to graduate school at the University of Iowa and then to Germany for a year at the University of Tübingen (1962-63). In 1963 son Nels was born in Iowa City, Iowa. In 1968 Gary got a job in the Modern Language Dept. at Purdue University, where Eloise earned her bachelor's and master's degrees.

[FinalTilesGallery id='6']

Teacher "Mrs. Dielman" at Baker High School

In 1972 the Dielmans moved to Gary's home town, Baker City, Oregon, where Eloise was immediately hired to fill in as a math teacher. The next year she joined the faculty of the English Dept. and taught at Baker High School for twenty-four years, with one year off on sabbatical to earn a PhD in American Literature at the University of Oregon. In 1989 Eloise discovered a fire was in the ceiling above her English classroom and spread the alert that led to the evacuation of the school. After retiring from BHS in 1995, Eloise taught at Eastern Oregon University, served at the same time as Chair of the Board of Directors of Blue Mountain Community College and Chair of Baker City's 5J School District Board of Directors.

[FinalTilesGallery id='5']

Recent years. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother.

The Dielman clan grew bigger, starting thirty-one years ago with the birth of Katrina's daughter, Anya. Then came Nels' sons, Lars (14) and Miles (11). Most recent is Anya's daughter, Naomi, age 15 months. In 2003 Eloise was chosen Legacy Woman of the Year for her many contributions to the community. Up until just two weeks before her death, she was still leading a group of women writers, as she had done for over twenty years.

[FinalTilesGallery id='7']

Goodbye, Mom.
[FinalTilesGallery id='10']

Thank you for loving Eloise. Please take a moment to share your recollections.

Additional links to large images: Newspaper Tribute, Facebook Comments, Facebook Reposts, Facebook Likes.

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Boosted Board Dual+ Unboxing

So I've been coveting the Boosted Boards Dual+ ever since I saw it on Kickstarter. Enhanced greatly by daily sidebar ads on Facebook. Just begging me to buy the damn thing. Finally, last Thursday morning, I just bit the bullet and ordered the Dual Plus model. Seemed like the perfect time to make an "unboxing" video.

My goal is to use the Boosted to commute 7 miles to work a day or two a week. And ride my bike the others.

I have to say, the Boosted Boards










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