UFD Twelfth Anniversary Concert

As a big “Thank You” for twelve years of support, Urban Family Dog is making the entire 45 minute video of our anniversary show available for FREE from the iTunes music store. Just click this link to get the Urban Family Dog – Twelfth Anniversary Concert into your iPod. If that doesn’t work for you, try one of the other links at the bottom of this recent UFD Kennelclub Newsletter.

Or you can just watch it here.

Don’t have iTunes? Check us out on YouTube. Watch the entire Twelfth Anniversary Concert in streaming video.

Nels Drums on Speed

Nels Drums

A composer friend of mine, the extraordinarily gifted saxophone player, Ole Mathisen, used some of my drum tracks on his song, Myriad. Ole chopped it up a bit with his unique sense of rhythm! I love it.


UFD 3-Finger Charlie

I did the cover illustration for the new Urban Family Dog CD entitled “3-Finger Charlie”. A nod to our bassist, Charles Chastain, who cut his finger off with a skil saw just prior to the release date. Related packaging images after you click.

Here is a little audio sample: Urban Family Dog, 3-Finger Charlie, Ingredients


UFD Logan Package

My band UFD submitted our song Logan for the XMen movie. I made a really cool box, with comic book imagery, and did the song lyrics for the tri-fold CD insert. Also included was a version of the movie trailer with the music replace with Logan. The song was applauded for it’s lyrical content and energy, though not accepted, because the movie was only using original score without vocals.


Open the lyrics above in another window and sing along!

South Park – Chef Aid

I had the unbelievable pleasure of working on the first South Park album, Chef Aid. Produced by Rick Rubin, I played drums in the DVDA band along with Matt Stone on bass, Trey Parker on Keyboards and vocals, Bruce Howell on guitar, and Isaac Hayes as “Chef”. The most memorable part of the session (for me) was when Rick Rubin told me to play more cymbal crashes in the middle of the crazy drum fills on Come Sail Away. Brilliant!

Here are a couple samples.

Cartman singing “Come Sail Away”

Chef & Meatloaf singing “Tonight Is Right For Love”

Chef singing “No Substitute”

Cherry Llama Band

Click on the GIF above to see my very first web page, “Inga a go-go”, that I programmed for my band, Cherry Llama, back in 1994. Complete with an audio loop and an animated GIF created from video. Featuring Inga Nataya Bogomolny and created on a Macintosh LCiii.

Below are some rhythym tracks that we laid down in an all-night session. Scott Wheatley (Guitar), Chadwick Horne (Bass) and Nels Dielman (Drums).

Cherry Llama (basic rhythm tracks)
Our Misfortunes (basic rhythm tracks)
Say My Name Awhile (basic rhythm tracks)
Sun, Rain (basic rhythm tracks)
So Far (basic rhythm tracks)
That Could Be Good (basic rhythm tracks)