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PIMCO Hong Kong Trams – Part Deux

I just received some nice photos of the six trams and four tram shelters that we designed for PIMCO's Q4 2017 Brand Campaign blitz in Hong Kong. This is the second year in a row that Team One created designs for Hong Kong trams. Definitely a fun project to work on, and I am happy to get photos this year - though next year I hope we can get some night shots.

One side of the trams features the headline in English "We didn't invent fixed income, but we reinvent it every day.", and the other side the same in traditional Chinese. The shelters have Chinese headlines that translate to "Architects of opportunity." "Architects of ideas." and "Architects of fixed income."

It's great to see the quality printing that was done in Hong Kong with virtual supervision via digital proofing in Los Angeles. Special thanks to my design team of Brooke Barttelbort and Brian Doyle for helping out on this extremely fast turnaround project.

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PIMCO Hong Kong Trams

In Q2 of 2017, PIMCO ran a refresh of the Hong Kong Tram Wraps I designed. The new creative featured two topical headlines for PIMCO Income Solutions: "Where can investors find income in a low-yield environment?" and "Income can't wait for the right market conditions." Both in English and Traditional Chinese.

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PIMCO Hong Kong Trams

As part of their global brand campaign from Team One USA, American investment management firm PIMCO are making a media splash in Hong Kong with a fleet of eight sexy double-decker tram wraps. Featuring brand messages in both English and Traditional Chinese, the trams are completely covered with graphic visuals. It is always exciting and challenging to design for custom media placements like these electric trams. I just received these spectacular location photos from the media outlet, and they put a big smile on my face.

If you see one of these bad boys on the street, please take a photo and send it to me.





Here are some of the other original concepts I designed. (more in slideshow)





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Happy 4th of July from Los Angeles

4th of July Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles.

A little creative inspiration hit me at the fireworks show with my kids tonight. Happy Fourth of July! (click to view larger, or right-click to download wallpaper size)

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Wonderful Pistachios – Stephen Colbert Shoot – 2 days in 20 seconds

Compiled all of the setup stills into a movie. It is pretty interesting to see two days work in a twenty second time span. Also got a sweet shot with Steve.


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Stephen Colbert Freedom Bump

Freedom Bump

Stephen Colbert fist bumps Freedom the Eagle. An outtake from Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl commercial that was turned into a GIF by a fan and is now moving to the top of the charts on Imgur and Reddit. Take a moment to go on Imgur and VOTE IT UP!

Here is the original footage that we posted near the end of the Super Bowl. I don't know what is more adorable. The eagle, or Stephen Colbert's reaction.

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Wonderful Halos Fun – Free App for iOS and Android

Remember how bad you wanted the free toy advertised on the front of your sugary cereal box? Thanks to the brilliant marketing minds at Wonderful Halos (sweet, seedless and easy to peel mandarin oranges), you can now get a first-rate game app that is not only free, but is kid-friendly and has no in-app purchases.

Halos Fun is advertised on over 100 million bags of Wonderful Halos mandarins. In addition, you can find special game code stickers on select Halos mandarins that will unlock extra levels and special powers.

Over 100+ levels and hours of game play. Download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Here is a special sticker code as a thanks for downloading: #cool.





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Moontoast Social Ads


Moontoast Social Ads - like this one I created for Kia Sorento - show up in the Facebook timeline or Twitter feeds. Is this the future of social advertisement? Supposedly function in iOS as well, but I have yet to see that work.

Click image above to see the Moontoast ad.

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2014 Kia Sorento Super Bowl YouTube Masthead + MSN Takeover Video Ad Units


Click image above to see YouTube Masthead unit.

The spectacular 2014 Kia Sorento Super Bowl spot "Space Babies" has arrived, and with it yesterday, two high-impact full-width video units I created for the YouTube and MSN homepages.

Each takeover starts with an eye-grabbing :15 teaser spot that ends with the prompt "View our Big Game commercial". It then resolves to an interactive banner with cute space babies popping on mouseover, and a YouTube embedded player featuring the entire :75 YouTube exclusive spot. Clicking through sends you to the custom Kia YouTube brand channel (below) where you can learn more about all of the Sorento's great features, and download wallpaper for your mobile or desktop devices.

Click image below to go to


Sample wallpaper image.


Here's a little video capture of the live experience on MSN.

Experience it yourself. Here is a link to the site archive on This Moment's servers.


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