Happy Mother’s Day

The Beach Boys song came on the radio during dinner, and Lars surprised me by jumping up and doing this routine that he was rehearsing for a school show. So I grabbed my laptop and camera. We looked up the lyrics, so I could sing the song, and Lars performed so we could show it to mommy – who was out of town on business. Miles just wanted in on the action.

What did you think of the show?


  1. Awesome. The boys are sooo big.

  2. Hey, a family musical show. I loved it, both the dancers and the singer!! What a Mother’s Day present! Lars looks very serious about getting it right, and Miles is just bouncing along like a little rubber ball. What fun!!

  3. That was awesome! The Dielman Boys Rock! Thanks for a great Mother’s Day Greeting.

  4. That is crazy cute! Very sweet mother’s day gift. 🙂

  5. thats fantasitco !!! very cool!!! you gave a good voice as well!!!!! reeeespect!!!

  6. Absolutely Rockin’. I loved every bit of it. Thanks boys! Happy Mother’s Day Ladies.

  7. Brian Wilson may be out of a job.

  8. OK that was freakin’ HILARIOUS!!!! So awesome.

  9. Man, that is TOO funny! And kinda cruel, Dad…these things have a way of coming back to haunt a young man. Like when you show it to Lars’ girlfriend before the junior prom. EE.

  10. Hilairous. Was that Brian Wilson singing?

  11. That was so great! He looked very cute and of course I have to compliment you on your sweet vocals. Thanks for sharing that with me!

  12. My god, that’s hysterical. And we wonder why you were never a lead singer!

  13. Brovo! The kids are great and so lucky to have such a cool dad with a good voice. 😉

  14. That is frickin awesome!! You are the best Dad ever. I think Myles has quite a future as a backup dancer for someone…. And maybe you can go on American Idol eh? Thanks for the laughs.

  15. Cute indeed! Hope all’s well with you and the family! (Looks like all’s cool.)

  16. That was so funny! They are adorable!

  17. Hey Nels, Lars and Miles, Thanks so much for the very unique Mother’s Day entertainment!!! Awesome!

  18. That is awesome…

  19. That’s super-cute. I especially dug the soundtrack – are you singing backup with the Samurai Homeboys??

  20. I love that!

  21. That made me cry! Thanks for the video!

  22. AWESOME! Angee loved it.

  23. lol how cute!..are those your kids! …and is that leona lewis bleeding love playing in the background while you’re singing the beach boys…haha nice!

  24. been a little busy with some rug rats… love that video! when/where’s the next gig?

  25. That was the best damn video I’ve seen! lol

  26. Your rendition of California Girls is hilarious! very cute! nice singing too

  27. I love that video! Too cute! Your boys are adorable. Where did your younger son learn to headbang like that? And, I agree, Kung Fu Panda is awesome!

  28. Nels, I just watched the California Girls Video! It was great!! LOVE IT!!

  29. that’s soooooooooooooooo cute! who taught miles that move? that head banging. i love it.

  30. I hate to say it, but that first move of Lars looked very “Dreamgirls”…

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