Snow Day 2007


Today I completed one of the most rewarding projects this year. A Gap Ad-like art project featuring all of my son’s first grade classmates. Exactly one week ago, my brother-in-law and I took photos of all of the kids wearing their winter gear. I explained my job as an art director for advertising, and told them that they were all “Talent” or “Models” for my project.

Today I went back to unveil the final product via a bigscreen projection complete with music. I described the “client presentation” process, and told them they were the clients. They were very good clients, since they liked everything. I gave them all “leave behinds” of a poster print and a DVD rom with images and the presentation movie. And also one giant poster mounted on foamcore for the classroom. They were really psyched.

Here are some larger files, and a little quicktime movie with commentary.

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  1. Nels, this is so wonderfully fabulous!!!! WOW.Tris

  2. Thanks, Tris. It took two days to do the artwork, including the photography.

  3. You’re my hero Nels. This is AMAZING!

  4. The kids must have been soo excited to see this – what a great inspiration for them! And I’m sure you made your son very proud 🙂 The result really looks excellent!!

  5. To all who read these comments about this inspired project for Lars’ first grade classmates, we want you to know how proud we are of him for the wonderful things he does with his professional talents. — Nels’ Mom and Dad

  6. Nels, Extremely cool…and such a wonderful thing to do for Lars and his classmates! Happy Holidays for sure !! Cathy

  7. This was so cool! I know that you are the coolest Dad in Lars’ class!

  8. WOW Nels! I am really impressed. So this is what you do! Love, Aunt Chari

  9. Nels, You are very talented. I thought your portrait family Christmas card was fantastic, but this beats that. You are a concerned and talented parent. Good job.

  10. What a treasure!! It’s like a cup of hot chocolate and a good story involving each child. So much love and adventure in each beautiful face. Thanks to Vince also for those wonderful shots of the kids.

  11. Oh, wow! It’s breathtaking and sweet and cool all at once!

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