Swarovski teamed up with architect Daniel Libeskind to design a new star, and an incredible new gem-shaped kiosk for Rockefeller Center. The latter featuring two uniquely shaped ultra high definition screen arrays that were in dire need of video content.

So Swarovski teamed up with Team One, and we scrambled to make it happen in time for a November 17 launch date. With five silent chapters of content: History, Creation, Significance, Crystal and Product. Delivered amazingly as 116 separate, but synchronized HD videos. Happy Holidays!

Swarovski | Rockefeller Plaza Star

North (36 HD screens angled) and South (16 HD screens) facining arrays are unique shapes.

Chapter 2: Creation (no sound)

North Storyboards


Selected Works

Sparklight This Town Is BuzzingBroadcast Advertising

PaoloPersonal Illustration

Sparklight Going PlacesBroadcast Advertising

PIMCO Graphic RedesignCorporate Design

CableONE Dream BiggerBroadcast Advertising

PIMCO WSJ TimelineCorporate Design

CableONE Greatest Town On EarthBroadcast Advertising

Lexus FCV TeaserCorporate Design

PIMCO Brand RefreshCorporate Design

PIMCO Smart Beta SiteCorporate Design

PIMCO BrandCorporate Design

Lexus FCV LF-SACorporate Design

Wonderful Halos Brand LaunchCorporate Design, Branding

Lexus FCV LF-LCCorporate Design

Lexus FCV LF-C2Corporate Design

DW Kitbuilder 2.0 Web AppCorporate Design

Lexus FCV RXCorporate Design

Lexus FCV GS FCorporate Design

Lexus FCV RedesignCorporate Design

Kia Soul Shuffle SlamCorporate Design

Lexus Dark RideCGI Video Content

Lexus Enform Logo SequenceCorporate Design

Duncan Hines Bake OnCorporate Design


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