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Palms Middle School Tee Shirts

I worked on a 2-color silk-screened tee shirt design for my kid's school. Turned out pretty cool.

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Unbelievably clear goldfish tank

This goldfish tank is filled and surrounded by my late mother's knick-knacks, and sits upon her credenza from my childhood home in Baker City where it catches the early morning sunlight. It also has an RGB LED light on top so looks spectacular at night.

When you sit and watch the fish in this tank, the combination of sun rays and seeing outdoors right through the tank make it seem like the fish are just floating in air.

When I first moved this tank to the window, it would bloom algae within three days of a good cleaning, and the glass would be impossible to see-through. When I switched to a Marineland C-220 whisper-silent canister filter, the algae blooms stopped and the water became very clear. When I added the (kind of noisy) air bubbler, within three days the water was crystal clear, and has stayed that way ever since. Even the growth on the ceramic pig has stopped, and that used to turn completely green.

It took many months to get this healthy ecosystem running smoothly. Time will tell if this new system can maintain the clarity.

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Lego Alien Xenomorph XX121 Instructions

I’ve been so completely obsessed with the "structural perfection" of the hand-made Lego Alien (completed kit shown above) from the Tinyminds Etsy Store that I ordered for Miles’ 11th birthday, that I downloaded Bricksmith Virtual Lego Editor , re-created the creature, and designed some cool instructions for for it this morning.

Unboxing the kit from the Tinyminds Etsy Store. (Yes, I ordered one for myself as well.) It really kind of blew my mind that there could be a huge category of custom Lego kits. There are actually other Alien designs available, but this tiny Alien is perfection. I also purchased an astounding Predator kit for Rachel. (Emily also makes Dr. Who, Adventure Time, Star Wars, The Hobbit and Kitty Cat Kits)

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Tippy + Topple Turtle Livestream Video

Highlight of yesterday's Livestream of the brand-new turtle habitat in Miles' room. That is a piece of turtle food that Tippy is chasing around in the current from the cascading water filter. At :50, Topple does his thing, and dives in for a little snack.

The Livestream is long over, so here it is on YouTube.

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Limited Edition “Caution Skateboarders” Tee-Shirt


The other day in Los Angeles, while skateboarding to work in the rain, I saw some yellow caution cones and had a deliciously malicious idea when I saw the triangular graphic. So I grabbed a sharpie marker from my desk, and went outside to draw some wheels and a kick tail on the black line under the falling person, and posted to Instagram. Throughout the day, I saw people passing by the cone. Some laughed, and some even stopped to take photos. I felt wickedly clever.

Now you can have this great graphic in the form of a silk-screened, limited-edition tee-shirt from Teespring. So do me a huge favor, and buy one before time runs out. I need to sell 100.








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