National Hug A Drummer Day – Oct 10

National Hug A Drummer

It’s official! Please take a moment to hug a drummer today. Or if you are so inclined, escalate that affection to the next level.

Pat Martino and Eldar Djangirov at MI Reunion

This is an amazing performance that I recorded on the second night of the MI Golden Years reunion. As you can see I was in the front row, and had a nice view of Martino’s amazing finger work. Pianist Djangirov was born in 1987, and Pat Martino 1944. Two astounding virtuosos born generations apart.

Here is a link to all of the videos I shot of reunion performances.

NelsDrums Chill Lounge House Laidback Spotify Playlist

Music to inspire creativity: nelsdrums chill lounge

I’ve created a new Spotify playlist with over 500+ tracks of electronic, chill, ambient, lounge, soundtrack, latin, indian, jazz and D.J. that you can shuffle all week long. Over 24 hours of incredible, hand-selected music. Feel free to subscribe, listen, and add some of your own.

Some of the featured artists include The Chemical Bros., Zero 7, DJ Shadow, Arling & Cameron, Amon Tobin, Groove Armada, Barry Adamson, Seks Bomba, DJ Cheb I. Sabbah, Air, and Fila Brazilia. Inspired by the amazing DJ Rusty Hodge of SOMA FM’ Secret Agent. and dozens of other Spotify playlists that I’ve perused to draw tracks from.

Click here to listen on Spotify: nelsdrums chill lounge

Urban Family Dog – All Pink

I was playing around with the iPhoto export feature late last night. An unbelievable simple way to make some music videos using live performance photography. Just need to figure out how to get the right imagery at the right place in the song.

I’ve uploaded to Facebook, and the image quality is quite nice. Facebook’s transcoder is amazing.

Urban Family Dog “3-Finger Charlie” on Soundcloud

I was just playing around with the embed feature from Soundcloud. “3-Finger Charlie” is a funky CD I produced, engineered, co-wrote, designed and performed on in 2001.

Happy Mother’s Day

The Beach Boys song came on the radio during dinner, and Lars surprised me by jumping up and doing this routine that he was rehearsing for a school show. So I grabbed my laptop and camera. We looked up the lyrics, so I could sing the song, and Lars performed so we could show it to mommy – who was out of town on business. Miles just wanted in on the action.

What did you think of the show?

Make the logo bigger


The song that inspired the name. By the band “Burn Back”. Also testing the way to code audio uploads. Looks like it works fine. You just have to use the [audio:] tag. Actual URL of the uploaded audio file goes between the colon and the bracket. Cool.

It’s actually supposed to use the ID3 tags to show the titling for the mp3 file. Not sure why this one doesn’t show, since it has all of the tags.

Cool UFD Video Featuring K-9 Horns

I just posted this cool video of “Break It Down” from our last show the UFD Site. Kicking ass Chicago style horn ending written by Mike Rotondi! Click here to check it out!.

Oh yeah, that is me on drums. If you want a version for your iPod Video, click UFD-BreakItDown-02.23.2007.mp4. Or you can just watch it on YouTube.

Drum Lessons?

I am donating drum lessons for my son’s school auction. It will be the first time to teach since college. That’s why I made this little promotional poster.

Here is a little bit of solo drumming.