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California Girls Dance Routine

The Beach Boys song came on the radio during dinner, and Rachel surprised me by jumping up and doing this routine that she was rehearsing for a school show. So I grabbed my laptop and camera, and I looked up the lyrics, so I could sing the song. Rachel performed so we could show it to mommy - who was out of town on business. Miles just wanted in on the action. And hilarity ensued.

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Make the logo bigger

The song that inspired the name. By the band "Burn Back" from London, UK.

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Cool UFD Video Featuring K-9 Horns

I just posted this cool video of "Break It Down" from our last show the UFD Site. Kicking ass Chicago style horn ending written by Mike Rotondi!

Oh yeah, that is me on drums. If you want a version for your iPod Video, click UFD-BreakItDown-02.23.2007.mp4. Or you can just watch it on YouTube.

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Drum Lessons?

I am donating drum lessons for my son's school auction. It will be the first time to teach since college. That's why I made this little promotional poster.

Here is a little bit of solo drumming.


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UFD Twelfth Anniversary Concert

As a big “Thank You” for twelve years of support, Urban Family Dog is making the entire 45 minute video of our anniversary show available for FREE from the iTunes music store. Don’t have iTunes? Check us out on YouTube. Watch the entire Twelfth Anniversary Concert in streaming video.


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