Click on the GIF above to see my very first web page, "Inga a go-go", that I programmed for my band, Cherry Llama, back in 1994. Complete with an audio loop and an animated GIF created from video. Featuring world reknown fashion icon Inga Nataya Bogomolny and created on a Macintosh LCiii. Little did I know it was the slippery slope to a career in website design.I was so cutting edge!

Below are some rhythym tracks that we laid down in an all-night session. Scott Wheatley (Guitar), Chadwick Horne (Bass) and Nels Dielman (Drums). It's a shame we never completed the recording project, because they were bitchin songs.

Cherry Llama (basic rhythm tracks)
Our Misfortunes (basic rhythm tracks)
Sun, Rain (basic rhythm tracks)
Say My Name Awhile (basic rhythm tracks)
So Far (basic rhythm tracks)
That Could Be Good (basic rhythm tracks)