Monday night I completed "Fall Fun 2010", a Gap-like art project featuring all 23 of my son's kindergarden classmates. Just before Thanksgiving I photographed the children in the schoolyard. I explained my job as an art director for advertising, and told them that they were all "Talent" or "Models" for my project.

It was challenging to fit so many people into such a small space. Blame that on the state budget. Number two son, Miles, is featured jumping into a pile of leaves.

Today I went back to unveil the final product via a big screen presentation complete with music. I described the "client presentation" process, and told them they were the clients. They were very good clients, since they liked everything. I gave them each "leave behinds" of an 13 x 19 archival giclee (poster print suitable for framing) and a personalized 5x7 image with a link to this post. It is really fun how excited the kids are when they see themselves on the screen for the first time. They literally vibrate with energy!

This is part III of a 4-part series. Last year I did a summer scene called "Summer Break 2009" and two years ago a winter scene titled "Snow Day 2007". Only one season left!