Speedshape and BBDO New York set forth to make a positive impact on the global environment in a recent collaboration with GE and Flickr on a new website using personal photos for charitable donations -- designed and directed by moi.

The Ecomagination Photo Project is a first-of-it’s-kind 3D Flickr photo gallery allowing users to upload and tag photos that represent Wind, Water and Light, then share via Facebook and Twitter. And when I say 3D, I mean that actual Flickr photos are dynamically loaded and displayed in three separate 3D environments.

Every eligible Wind, Water and Light photo uploaded helps to reach the goals: 4.8 million gallons of clean water through the building of fresh water wells. 1.7 million hours of solar power through the donation of solar lanterns in east Timor. And 45,000 kW hours of energy created through small-scale wind turbines that will power health clinics in Rural Peru.

I'm proud to report that in only a few short weeks all of the goals have been reached. That's what I would call a successful philanthropic campaign. Why not go visit the Ecomagination Photo Project to have a look at all of the photos?

While you're there, search for my contributions via username nelsdrums.

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