Mac Mail + Address Book Not Working OSx 10.8


OMG this problem has been making me go insane. Finally, solved my problems this morning – after 4 months of grief.

My three main symptoms:
Mac Mail – Mail Quit Unexpectedly at least 2x daily
Mac Mail – Cannot add contacts to Address Book
Address Book – Does not save new addresses

The story: I have been having little problems since the day I got my new MacBook Pro. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried looking up solutions online, rebuilding permissions with disc utility, deleting preferences, etc. I even tried rebuilding my entire OSx account. Nothing worked.

My theory is that home folder permissions were corrupted when I used the migration utility to transfer my main account from a work laptop.

The solution:
Reset home directory permissions and ACLs


Do this:

    1. Restart your computer
    2. Press and hold the option key after the chime
    3. Boot from the Mac OSx Recovery partition
    4. Launch the Terminal app from the “” menu
    5. Type in “resetpassword” and hit return (all one word)
    6. Password Reset Utility launches
    7. Select the volume containing the user account
    8. Select the user account from the popup list
    9. Click the “Reset Home Folder Permissions and ACLs” button in the lower right.
    10. When it is done, restart your computer.

Then go verify that you can indeed save new contacts to Address Book, and that you can add contacts to address book from Mail.


  1. This is great – I was having the exact same problem and it’s solved! Thanks!

  2. Nope. Did not work for me in osx 10.9. Bummer…

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