Fall Fun 2010


Monday night I completed “Fall Fun 2010”, a Gap-like art project featuring all 23 of my son’s kindergarden classmates. Just before Thanksgiving I photographed the children in the schoolyard. I explained my job as an art director for advertising, and told them that they were all “Talent” or “Models” for my project.

It was challenging to fit so many people into such a small space. Blame that on the state budget. Number two son, Miles, is featured jumping into a pile of leaves.

Today I went back to unveil the final product via a big screen presentation complete with music. I described the “client presentation” process, and told them they were the clients. They were very good clients, since they liked everything. I gave them each “leave behinds” of an 13 x 19 archival giclee (poster print suitable for framing) and a personalized 5×7 image with a link to this post. It is really fun how excited the kids are when they see themselves on the screen for the first time. They literally vibrate with energy!

This is part III of a 4-part series. Last year I did a summer scene called “Summer Break 2009” and two years ago a winter scene titled “Snow Day 2007”. Only one season left!

Right click the image above and choose “Save link as…” or “Open link in new window” to download a copy of the large version.

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  1. Nels, I love it…

  2. I love that you do this for the kids! Parents probably go bonkers too!

  3. You’re amazing!

  4. You are too much Nels. Luckiest kids ever!!

  5. Hope to take on your passion for this when Presley reaches school

  6. WOW Nels, that is Awesome!!!

  7. this is great!

  8. I tell you, kids are the best to do work for. They love everything. They are so happy to see your work.

  9. Very nice!!! That little point and shoot takes pretty good images in bright light.. plus a little tweaking!

  10. Another great job. You captured happy little faces in a delightful setting. I like also all the little critters peeking out from things. This is really cute, as your previous two projects have been. I would guess the kids will have a ball today.

  11. Again, the coolest dad at school…..lucky boys!

  12. You are the COOLEST dad!

  13. That’s so cool! I love it!

  14. that is really cool nels!

  15. Vince – I took those photos with a Canon 35 mm SLR I borrowed from work.

  16. Sweet. I thought I saw another one in the school office…

  17. This is the third one you’ve done so far, right? I love these — very cool.

    • Stephen — This is the third. Next year I will do a Spring project with Miles’ first grade class, then I have to move on to a new project theme!

  18. that’s a nice piece nels

  19. another great effort, Nels. PLEASE do one of the 3rd graders so Sam can be in it 🙂

  20. Great work again, Nels!! My next door neighbor does this kind of thing for their Xmas cards. I have two of them and he is suppose to email me theirs so I can show you.

  21. Another great contribution to Miles’ classmates!

  22. Just saw the video. I’ve always known you’re talented, but this stuff just blows me away. Congrats again.

  23. haha I would definitely be the kid to fold it and leave it in the bottom of my bag until next season… Great picture Nels, looking forward to the Spring!!

  24. The photo is absolutely FANTASTIC…running out to buy a frame right now! Thank you!

  25. Thanks, Laurel. Your daughter was great for questions and responses during my presentation.

  26. Thanks for the great picture…I finally got it and think it’ll make for amazing memories when Zoe gets older.

  27. Okay…just watched the video too…amazing! Thanks so much for doing this for the class.

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