Off to a good start

So far I’ve had quite a few memory jolts as a response to my “kick start” letter – about 40 overnight. I am just adding titles and short descriptions at this time. I will later document the stories in some form. Some things I’ve already noticed:

  • Response is great. Really helps to make a list.
  • The more crazy or violent the event, the better I remember it.
  • People who were at the events remember different details that I have forgotten.
  • I still cannot remember all of the names. Only in some cases do I remember specifically who was with me.
  • I will likely have to change some of the names to protect the families of the wicked.
  • Not all stories are for everyone. Not sure how to edit these.
  • Anonymous commenting is frustrating. I can only reply with another comment.

If you missed my first post “Storytelling 101 – A Beginning”, please read it. It describes what this blog is about.
Keep them coming. 😉


  1. Hi Nels. I personally love hearing your orthodontist horror stories! It’s unbelievable the pain you went through and that’s what makes them so great. Hope this helps.
    Adios, Rachelle

  2. For me, it has to be the large black woman swinging from your hair as you nabbed her for shoplifting…

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