Summer Break 2009


Sunday afternoon I completed one of the most rewarding projects this year. A Gap Ad-like art project featuring all of my son’s second grade classmates. A couple of weeks ago, my brother-in-law and I photographed the children in the classroom. I explained my job as an art director for advertising, and told them that they were all “Talent” or “Models” for my project.

Today I went back to unveil the final product via a big screen presentation complete with music. I described the “client presentation” process, and told them they were the clients. They were very good clients, since they liked everything. I gave them each “leave behinds” of an 13 x 19 archival giclee (poster print suitable for framing) and a DVD rom with images and the presentation movie. They were soooo happy, it left me with a stupid grin on my face all day.

This is part II of a 4-part series. Last school year I did a winter scene titled “Snow Day 2007”. Only two seasons left!

Right click the image above and choose “Save link as…” or “Open link in new window” to download a copy of the large version.

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  1. Looks great, Nels!

  2. Great project- They will never forget their second grade classmates! Love the highlight on the ‘surfer dude’.

  3. Nels you are the coolest dad ever!!! It’s awesome!!

  4. superduper cool.

  5. Excellent work! You created happy kids and a lifetime memory. What fun!

  6. Nels, you are absolutely the coolest dad! This is awesome!

  7. As always, awesome! Looking forward to spring & fall.

  8. It’s fabulous, Nels! When does your contract with Gap start, hmmmm?

  9. Nels: That’s such a gorgeous project. And the video of the photo shoot is fantastic! Wish I had your talent.

  10. Thank you so much. It is fabulous! What a wonderful gift to end the year with. Have a good summer.

  11. That is really sweet, Nels! I wish you were dad in my kid’s class.

  12. What a talented cast you had to work with. Great job Nels…

  13. So cool. What a great keepsake for each little kid. I wish I had something like this for my second grade class. Of course, it would have to have been painted or airbrushed. I don’t think Photoshop was around in the ’70s.

  14. Saw the hard copy yesterday. Amazing how you put it together. Thanks for doing it and sharing a copy.

  15. Do teachers realize the advantages of having art directors as parents???!!! Very cool piece. I can’t believe Lars is all grown up.

  16. You’re a rock star. It looks great! What a fun idea Nels. 🙂

  17. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Super cool project you did Nels! You’re an awesome, talented dad!

  19. I like that, man!

  20. Well, looks like you’ve got the makings of a series here. What’s next? Fall?

  21. I hope you’re doing great! Wow… This looks amazing. Congratulations – I’m sure the 2nd graders were stoked!

  22. Too cute for words. Will the next be autmn or fall….hmmmm. Way to go Nels, you are a rockstar.

  23. LOVE THIS!

  24. Beautiful, Nels! Mrs. Colina’s class is lucky to have Lars…. and his Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

  25. It is a lot of fun. Those of you who have kids and do advertising, I suggest you give it a shot! It may take a good chunk of your free time for a couple of weeks, but it is well worth the reaction you will get from the kiddies. 😉

  26. so cool Nels!! I love it

  27. that’s awesome! How rewarding that is! Cool..

  28. cool 🙂 my daughter is 15 weeks old….!! hope all is well. Peace, David (d’l’oHm)

  29. Hands down, the best class project ever! Thank you again for sharing your creative talents with our class and spending so much time on this masterpiece. And the DVDs were awesome! – the kids were so excited to see their own photos printed on the discs. Thanks for creating this fantastic memory for lars, the kids and me. Have a fabulous summer!

  30. very cool! i just got back from Eugene, Oregon. stayed on the mckenzie river for 3 days!

  31. Very nice!

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