Minecraft Enderman Desktop + Mobile Wallpaper PSD

Took a break from Super Bowl madness at work to play some Minecraft with my sons on their new Bukkit servers. Found myself face-to-face with a menacing Enderman character and managed to snap a screenshot. I used that to create this graphic wallpaper. In three formats: Desktop, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (iPhone 4).

Scroll down and I’ve provided links to simplified Photoshop PSDs if you want to customize for yourself. I used the Minecraft Logo Alphabet font that you can get here, and if you play Minecraft, I suggest you try the amazing Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack.

Click images to view, or right-click and “open link in new tab or window” or “save link as…” if you want to download the image to your device.

PSD Downloads

PSDDownload Desktop Wallpaper PSD 48 mb

PSDDownload iPhone 5 Wallpaper PSD 23 mb

PSDDownload iPhone 4 iPod Touch Wallpaper PSD 20 mb

Random goodness. Here’s a pretty epic Santa MVD made while I was putting lights on the Xmas tree.

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