I just received some nice photos of the six trams and four tram shelters that we designed for PIMCO's Q4 2017 Brand Campaign blitz in Hong Kong. This is the second year in a row that Team One created designs for Hong Kong trams. Definitely a fun project to work on, and I am happy to get photos this year - though next year I hope we can get some night shots.

One side of the trams features the headline in English "We didn't invent fixed income, but we reinvent it every day.", and the other side the same in traditional Chinese. The shelters have Chinese headlines that translate to "Architects of opportunity." "Architects of ideas." and "Architects of fixed income."

It's great to see the quality printing that was done in Hong Kong with virtual supervision via digital proofing in Los Angeles. Special thanks to my design team of Brooke Barttelbort and Brian Doyle for helping out on this extremely fast turnaround project.