Hess gasoline makes a great holiday gift for any age kid.

It made for a great present for us, too. Since 1965, Hess gas has been producing their model toy trucks, and every year they get better and better. For 2009, they made two smart moves: offer a “race car inside a race car” concept toy, and hire Grey Worldwide and Speedshape to handle the advertising.

The spots turned out great, and we expect these toys to burn rubber out of the Hess stations and the Hess toy web site. Working with Grey was a rewarding experience, and we were able to help out on every aspect of the project, from matte and model painting to previs and live action shoots with the child actors.

Grey was also kind enough to send us the following props: “from the epic matte paintings to the specular highlights on the car, Speedshape’s creative point of view, level of quality control, and technical expertise were instrumental in the success of this year’s spots. Together we have made spots that the client is ecstatic over and that we are truly proud of as an agency. Simply put, without Speedshape, none of this would have been possible.”

Coming from all us here at Speedshape, it’s very mutual. We’ll be thrilled to find another Hess/Grey project under the tree next year, too. (and maybe a pony.)

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