In may 2013 our client, Paramount Citrus, decided to launch a new consumer brand in the billion doller mandarin orange category in less than six months.

Over the course of three months we built a multi-channel brand and campaign from scratch:

  • Name, logo, packaging, fruit stickers
  • National TV campaign
  • Point-of-sale elements
  • website
  • Social media channels launched with daily posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)
  • SEO/SEM campaign
  • Halos Fun game app with 200 levels (think Angry Birds meets Peggle)
  • Digital campaign including contests and a season-long integration with
  • Game trailers, kids’ animation videos, and other online content
  • PR launch events, merchandise, media placements

My digital team built out components as part of a 360 degree integrated campaign that included a mobile game app, website, and social components.

An app QR code call-to-action was integrated onto 100 million packages where parents could scan the code and automatically be served up the app in iTunes or Google Play, depending on their device. In addition, if parents purchased Halos in stores, they could find specially marked stickers on each piece of fruit with 4-letter “hashtag codes” (e.g. #cool, #snow, #sand, etc.). These special codes could be input into the game to unlock hidden surprises (e.g. new levels, super powers, rainbows, etc.). Although some codes were rarer than others, parents and their kids could easily find them, given that we printed more than 1 billion stickers.

This campaign won “Best in Show” for the 2014 W3 Awards.

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