This is possibly Speedshape’s biggest bodybuilding victory yet. You see, we’ve built a lot of dynamic, engaging cg cars over the years, but the 2010 mustang we built for Ford and Team Detroit is one of our clear favorites.

We provided interactive studio Firstborn with edgy, fully realized visuals neatly arranged in stacks and ready to be showcased in the immersive “Community Customizer” web site experience, the strong and pervasive online media campaign, and in the majority of the print collateral.

The customizer was such a hit that over 170,000 user-generated wallpaper designs were submitted in just 6 weeks, which made choosing the images shown here like finding a needle in a haystack.

But there was one more encore for all us on the project to enjoy: the campaign was highlighted at the j.d. power catalyst awards as the “Most Engaging Yahoo! Ad ever” served to date.

Talk about flexing your marketing muscles.


Screen capture of live site

Actual user-generated wallpaper images

Selected Works

Hyundai Elantra N LaunchBroadcast Advertising

Hyundai Tucson N-Line LaunchDigital Advertising

Hyundai Kona N LaunchBroadcast Advertising

Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV LaunchDigital Advertising

Hyundai Tucson PHEV LaunchDigital Advertising

Sparklight This Town Is BuzzingBroadcast Advertising

PIMCO Graphic RedesignCorporate Design

Swarovski KioskVideo Content, Animation

Lexus FCV RedesignCorporate Design

PIMCO Brand RefreshCorporate Design

Sparklight Going PlacesBroadcast Advertising

Wonderful Halos Brand LaunchCorporate Design, Branding

DW Kitbuilder 2.0 Web AppCorporate Design

Kia Soul Shuffle SlamCorporate Design

Lexus FCV TeaserCorporate Design

CableONE Greatest Town On EarthBroadcast Advertising

PIMCO WSJ TimelineCorporate Design

PIMCO BrandCorporate Design

PIMCO Smart Beta SiteCorporate Design

Lexus FCV LF-SACorporate Design

Lexus Dark RideCGI Video Content

Lexus FCV LF-LCCorporate Design

CableONE Dream BiggerBroadcast Advertising

Lexus FCV LF-C2Corporate Design

PaoloPersonal Illustration

Lexus FCV RXCorporate Design

Hess Toy Trucks CGIBroadcast Video

Lexus FCV GS FCorporate Design

Speedshape Brand RefreshCorporate Design

Lexus Enform Logo SequenceCorporate Design

Selfless PortraitsIllustration

Duncan Hines Bake OnCorporate Design


Lexus InnovationCorporate Design

Lexus L-StudioCorporate Design

Lexus LS Launch SiteCorporate Design


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