LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem turned shuffling into a global phenomenon. We decided to give this craze a place to live online. The Kia Soul Shuffle Slam.

This online dance contest let users vote in head-to-head battles. The site was viewable inside the Kia Soul YouTube channel, Facebook and Mobile. LMFAO and Quest Crew even helped host and promote the contest.

The results. Over 2,000,000 video views and votes. 300% increase in followers to Kia social channels. Nearly 1,000 user submitted videos. 5:03 average time spent on site. Over 160,000,000 impressions.


YouTube Masthead Promo Video + Custom YouTube Channel


Screen capture of live site voting mechanism

Kia Soul campaign case study


Top user-generated winner submissions

Celebrity Tweets

Party Rock for Your Soul :60  NOTE: I did not work on this spot, but I did create all of the digital support elements above.

Selected Works

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Hyundai Kona N LaunchBroadcast Advertising

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Hyundai Tucson PHEV LaunchDigital Advertising

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PaoloPersonal Illustration

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Hess Toy Trucks CGIBroadcast Video

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Selfless PortraitsIllustration

Duncan Hines Bake OnCorporate Design


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