Some of my most rewarding projects have been for my children's grade school classes. For the Seasons projects, I created four pieces of artwork over a span of four years, two for each of my kids' classes. Snow Day, Summer Break, Fall Fun and Spring Fling.

First, I photographed the children in the classroom. I explained my job as an art director for advertising, and told them that they were all “Talent” or “Models” for my project. We brainstormed together what kind of scene and activities were to be portrayed by their poses.

Once I completed the artwork, I went back to the classes to unveil the final product via a big screen Keynote presentation, complete with music. I described the â€œclient presentation” process, and told them they were the clients. They were always very good clients, since they loved everything–especially the photos of themselves. It is really fun how excited the kids are when they see themselves on the screen for the first time. Many would literally scream and shake!

I gave each child “leave behinds” of an 13 x 19 archival giclee poster print suitable for framing. Over the years since I've had parents stop to tell me that they still have the cherished class posters framed in their homes.

Sample Keynote presentation to the kids

Snow Day 2007, Castle Heights Elementary School, Ms. Labelle's First Grade (Click image to view hi rez) 


Summer Break 2009, Castle Heights Elementary School, Ms. Colina's Second Grade (Click image to view hi rez) 


Fall Fun 2010, Castle Heights Elementary School, Ms. Lamb's Second Grade (Click image to view hi rez) 


Spring Fling 2011, Castle Heights Elementary School, Ms. Labelle's Second Grade (Click image to view hi rez) 


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