Paramount Farms flagship brand "Wonderful Pistachios", with annual revenues of over 4 billion, set out to make the most outrageously entertaining Super Bowl commercials starring America's beloved late night host, Stephen Colbert. And our team set out to promote those bookend commercials in all ways digital in a combination social media and $100K prize guessing game "Count Our Nuts!" to drive views on YouTube.

As a result, the spots won third place on the USA Today Ad Meter, and there was even a fan created GIF of the eagle fist bump that went viral where nobody even questioned if the eagle was real.

The spot was so well received with awards and accolades in the press, we quickly inked a deal with Colbert for another 8 spots.

Pre and post Super Bowl Colbert social media skins

Screen capture of live site

The award-winning Colbert Super Bowl :15 combo (I did not work on the spots, though I did create the key art and all related digital imagery)

Colbert shoot keyframes: 2 days in 20 seconds


Working with Stephen Colbert was a delight. Not only was he totally professional and "delivered the goods" for every single on-camera performance during a grueling two-day, five-spot shoot schedule, but he was also friendly and conversational between takes. He made a point to sit down and have meal breaks with the crew. A truly exceptional superstar experience.

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