I set up this weblog as a destination for some of the more entertaining stories from my life. I've had many a request over the years to document various events - either written, recorded or videotaped. Any method is easier said than done. It takes time and effort. Storytelling is more fun with listening participants. I haven't tried writing them before. So this is just a beginning.

My grandfather had many great and vivid stories - most of which were lost when he passed away. I seem to have inherited his gift for storytelling. Oddly, I can barely remember his stories - or stories told to me by other people. I can remember my own stories, though. They are as clear in my head as the day they happened. Some even have slo-mo visuals. Like the time my grandfather slipped while stepping into the fishing boat, and scraped about six inches of flesh off the front of his shin bone - filling the bottom of the craft with blood. He was a tough old guy, so we went fishing anyway.

Too bad these stories can't be recalled at will. My brain just does not work that way. They pop into my head at the strangest moments, usually triggered by the words flowing out of someone else's mouth. One moment, I'll be sitting at lunch with some office mates. Somebody will tell a story, recall the news - anything really. Next thing, I am "yakking away" with barely a pause for questions to be inserted by the listener (who is usually staring in disbelief). I tend to repeat myself. So if you know me, you've heard some stories more than once.

It would be really awesome if the actual people involved in these stories could leave comments about their recollections of these events. To verify some of the things that happened, and possibly clarify the story.

I am also hoping that you, my friends and family, will place requests for your favorite stories. Like I said, I need a little prompting to get my brain going. So, if you have a favorite (like the time I stabbed myself in the face with a Buck folding knife), add a comment and place your request now.