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Kids Yard Sale Poster Illustrator Template


Click image above to see the full poster.

My kids were planning a yard sale to make a few dollars from their old toys. I thought that a LEGO themed poster would attract the attention of kids on their way to or from school.

Using free Lego Alphabet in vector blocks and this nice set of vintage toys, I configured the words BOYS TOYS and added the gradient fills to make it fun. Then I realized that we had a lot of really great books that might attract the attention of parents - so I added that. Finally, I colored the vintage car toy to match the color scheme and added the informational type and map (made of lego blocks).

Our target audience was kids at the nearby gradeschool. So my sons and I went on a wild posting at night, and - taking a lesson from big tobacco marketers - made sure to place our posters down at kid eye level. We also posted online versions of the flyer to neighborhood parental social networks.

The result? Our "Boys Toys" yard sale was a huge success. And it didn't hurt to provide free donuts!


Feel free to download the tabloid Adobe Illustrator CS6 file to change as needed for your yard sale.

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Selfless Portraits

A couple of my friends did Selfless Portraits recently, and it inspired me to do the same. Very relaxing, really.

My subject's name was Julia, and she comes from Rio. She was wearing polka dots and glasses, while looking at her mobile phone. Don't ask me how, but her index finger can really do that position.

She looks as though she was reading a text message. Who could it be from? She certainly looks a bit serious. I translated her thoughts to Portuguese, "Oh, não. Não ele, de novo!"

If you do or receive a Selfless Portrait, please send me a link!

UPDATE: I had to stalk Julia via Facebook to inform her about the artwork. Apparently Selfless Portraits didn't notify her at all?!? Crazy, I know. Turns out she loves it. Fun.

UPDATE: Cool. After 36 hours my Selfless Portrait moved into the number one "most popular" slot. Thanks, no doubt, to all of my FB friends for liking.


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