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Urban Family Dog – All Pink

I was playing around with the iPhoto export feature late last night. An unbelievable simple way to make some music videos using live performance photography. Just need to figure out how to get the right imagery at the right place in the song.

I've uploaded to Facebook, and the image quality is quite nice. Facebook's transcoder is amazing.

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Cool UFD Video Featuring K-9 Horns

I just posted this cool video of "Break It Down" from our last show the UFD Site. Kicking ass Chicago style horn ending written by Mike Rotondi!

Oh yeah, that is me on drums. If you want a version for your iPod Video, click UFD-BreakItDown-02.23.2007.mp4. Or you can just watch it on YouTube.

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UFD Twelfth Anniversary Concert

As a big “Thank You” for twelve years of support, Urban Family Dog is making the entire 45 minute video of our anniversary show available for FREE from the iTunes music store. Don’t have iTunes? Check us out on YouTube. Watch the entire Twelfth Anniversary Concert in streaming video.

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UFD Logan Package

My band UFD submitted our song Logan for the XMen movie. I made a really cool box, with comic book imagery, and did the song lyrics for the tri-fold CD insert. Also included was a version of the movie trailer with the music replace with Logan. The song was applauded for it's lyrical content and energy, though not accepted, because the movie was only using original score without vocals.

Open the lyrics above in another window and sing along!

Logan (Fatal Mix)
Logan (Dub Mix)

And here's a re-cut of the theatrical trailer using Logan for soundtrack.


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