November 1, 2016Comments are off for this post.

Super sexy Boosted Board Dual+ 2nd generation unboxing photos will take your breath away

I thought I would write a click-bait headline for fun.

My all-new Boosted Board Dual+ 2nd Generation finally arrived. I had to make a detailed record of its structural perfection. Because, you know, it is not going to look like that for long. Enjoy.

June 2, 2015Comments are off for this post.

Boosted v1 Board Dual+ Unboxing

So I've been coveting the Boosted Boards Dual+ ever since I saw it on Kickstarter. Enhanced greatly by daily sidebar ads on Facebook. Just begging me to buy the damn thing. Finally, last Thursday morning, I just bit the bullet and ordered the Dual Plus model. Seemed like the perfect time to make an "unboxing" video.

My goal is to use the Boosted to commute 7 miles to work a day or two a week. And ride my bike the others.

I have to say, the Boosted Boards design and build does not dissapoint.


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