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Urban Family Dog “3-Finger Charlie” on Soundcloud

I was just playing around with the embed feature from Soundcloud. "3-Finger Charlie" is a funky CD I produced, engineered, co-wrote, designed and performed on in 2001.

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Drum Lessons?

I am donating drum lessons for my son's school auction. It will be the first time to teach since college. That's why I made this little promotional poster.

Here is a little bit of solo drumming.


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Nels Drums on Speed

A composer friend of mine, the extraordinarily gifted saxophone player, Ole Mathisen, used some of my drum tracks on his song, Myriad. Ole chopped it up a bit with his unique sense of rhythm and sped it up! I love it.

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South Park – Chef Aid

I had the unbelievable pleasure of working on the first South Park album, Chef Aid. Produced by Rick Rubin, I played drums in the DVDA band on six songs along with Matt Stone on bass, Trey Parker on Keyboards and vocals, Bruce Howell on guitar, and Isaac Hayes as "Chef".

The most memorable part of the session (for me) was when Rick Rubin told me to play more cymbal crashes in the middle of the crazy tom-tom fills on the Styx classic, Come Sail Away. Brilliant!

Here are a couple samples.

Cartman singing "Come Sail Away"
Chef singing "No Substitute"
Chef and Meatloaf singing "Tonight Is Right For Love"

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Nels Dielman – Official Website

You've arrived at the official website of creative director and drummer, Nels Dielman (aka "nelsdrums").


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