When I arrived at Speedshape, they were very much an inward-facing organization that had meager branding, and fragmented "kitchen sink" marketing materials created by many to fill their individual needs. Their logo had a nice automotive "bug", but was very problematic for modern design. In addition, they had a tiny, fixed size Flash website that was very cool in concept, but extremely hard to navigate or refresh with relevant content and virtually no SEO.

It was time for a full evaluation and refresh of branding and marketing materials.

First, I designed a first-of-it's-kind CSS scaleable modern blog format website archive (user:nelsdrums pass:speedshape) that featured oversized, crisp imagery at a time when most of the competition was showing little or none. This responsive new design filled any screen, from iPhone to 27" monitors.

Utilizing WordPress and some simple plugins, organic SEO went to the top of all search engines. This format was easily updated with content via simple CMS. Monthly and weekly updates further pushed Speedshape up the search rankings.

New identity logotype, combined with the tagline "Reality is overrated" helped to define the new, confident and cheeky voice of the Speedshape brand. Additional support materials like leave behind books, slideshow presentations and html newsletters helped to clarify Speedshape in the minds of their prospective clientele. This modular logotype system also allowed easy addition of other Speedshape brands to the lineup -- like their tagging and distribution division, Speedmedia.

Minimal identity design elements like simple 2D graphics and large voids of white space and monochromatic tones helped to showcase the full-color, eye-popping goodness of the Speedshape CG graphics and interactive designs. Automotive parts created organic negatives that gave a nod to Speedshape's pedigree in the Detroit advertising sector.

These new branding elements were put to work in a plethora of new materials. The results were significant. Tons of new ad business from all over the US and Europe, including a massive partnership contract with The Weinstein Company.