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Raunchy Designer Valentines Day Cards

F*ck this Valentines Day. Have a little fun with your friends and loved ones by sharing these hilarious pickup lines. Original Cupid by Yasmin Alanis


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Kia Sorento 2014 “Space Babies” Super Bowl Spot

The Kia Sorento "Space Babies" Super Bowl spot created by my talented colleagues at DNG is amazing. I can't get enough of it. All of those tasty little details.

Check out the best commercial of the 2013 Super Bowl ad blitz. And all our our digital support didn't hurt one bit. 

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California Girls Dance Routine

The Beach Boys song came on the radio during dinner, and Rachel surprised me by jumping up and doing this routine that she was rehearsing for a school show. So I grabbed my laptop and camera, and I looked up the lyrics, so I could sing the song. Rachel performed so we could show it to mommy - who was out of town on business. Miles just wanted in on the action. And hilarity ensued.


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