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Emotions Book

The Emotions class photo project is now available as a book published on Blurb. I've added a new "hipstamatic" film light-leak style image for each student. I've also set the lowest price available so I can assure you Kelli and I are not making any money from this. Just a labor of love.

If you haven't used Blurb, I encourage you to make your own book. Their Booksmart application practically does it for you -- with templated styles to choose from. Order it with the paper upgrade. The quality of printing is fantastic.

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Emotions Photo Project

Yesterday morning I completed an "Emotions" photography project for my daughter's 3rd grade class.

Last Thursday, I went to speak to the class about advertising. We discussed modeling and making emotional expressions with our faces. We brainstormed a lengthy list of emotions, and then stepped outside to take some pictures. Fellow class parent Kelli Martin and I photographed each child doing various emotions in a marathon session yielding hundreds of photos. Poor Kelli's arms were so tired!

I selected nine images for each student, and then cropped/retouched into an 8x10 grid for printing and framing. Four fun versions were created: color graded, distressed, gradient map illustration, and cartoon.

I returned yesterday morning and presented the imagery to the class in a fun Keynote slideshow that included their images, and a clip of video showing several of the students doing their expressions.

In addition I supplied each student with a printed poster of their classmates (shown above), and links for digital copies to share with their families.


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