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2006 Lexus IS Photographs

I just added two recently directed 2006 Lexus IS photos taken by German photogapher Thomas Strogalski. They are the first two images in the slideshow (Just click on 01 or 02 to view them). "Orange" was taken in downtown Los Angeles, and "Blue" was taken inside a parking structure. I was extremely excited to shoot with Thomas, and the results speak for themselves.

After the stills were taken, the IS shots were animated for the U.S. Lexus website. "Orange" is displayed on the Lexus Home Page, and "Blue" is on the 2006 IS Model Page. There is also a Wallpaper version of "Orange", and a Screensaver of the "Blue" animation.

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Lexus IS Anchor and Strip

Just a little image I put together to present the new IS anchor (that I shot with Thomas Strogalski) and strip images to Lexus. The strip image is created from two stock images and a CGI vehicle. I did the strip retouching to match the photographic anchor image. It's fun to color coordinate, isn't it?

In addition, here is the final Flash Anchor Animation and Home Page Animation made from the still photos.


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