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Lexus 2008 LSh Photography

I just completed a grueling marathon shoot of the new LS Hybrid with Aussie (by way of London) photographer Anton Watts (shown below with coffee all over him). Something like 28 shots in 12 days. Many in the studio, and some on location. A new world record!

Oh yeah, I did the retouching myself while on location.

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ABC Brand Pods

If you happen to visit ABC to view re-runs of Lost using their amazing Streaming Player, you may happen upon some of the new Lexus branding ads I designed for Team One Advertising. Or you can TURN YOUR SOUND UP and use the following links:

1) Dominoes
2) Molecules
3) Soundwaves
4) Spectrum

My favorite part of the project was working with brilliant electronic composer Kasson Crooker on the scoring/sound design. Its not often I get to have sound on internet advertising, and working with Kasson was sheer pleasure.

If you do find yourself looking at these ads on the ABC site, please make sure to interact with them for a bit before you resume your television show!

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Lexus LS Hybrid Launch Site

The Lexus 2008 LS Hybrid Overlay Launch Site that I art directed for Team One finally launched this week. It features beautiful still photography from my shoot with Anton Watts last month. I have also included some of the new photography in my portfolio above.

I also designed some cool interactive ad banners: LSh 336x280 Message Board , LSh 728x90 Lederboard & LSh 160x600 Skyscraper. that drive traffic to this site from popular automotive portals.

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Lexus Flash ad banner links

Here is some digital advertising I've art directed for Lexus in the last couple of years.

- - - - - - - -
Innovation Full Line Expanding Video Banners

Innovation Expanding Video Banners

ABC Brand Pods with Audio and Video

ABC Expanding Video Banners

XM Nav Traffic Expanding Banners

LSh Ad Units

Yahoo Hybrid Owners Forum

ES Senses Banners

ES Style Banners

ES Satisfy Banners

The Week Magazine - Earth Week Edition

ES Mother's Day MSN Roadblock - Email Mother's Day Card Generator

RX Hybrid Banners

BYL Engineering Puzzle Banners

GS Practice

GS Speed Bumps

GS Rocket

GS Stocks

GS Prelaunch 12k GIF banners

RX Thundercloud Edition

CPO Between New And Used

CPO Can't Tell Difference

CPO Fine Line

CPO Vice-Versa

CPO Cars.com Eyeblaster

If you have a cool banner to share, send me a link in the comments.

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Lexus Presskits

The Lexus Presskits website recieved a facelift with a collapsible horizontal scroller on the bottom. And full CMS for adding events via http interface. Targeted for 1024x764 monitors.


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