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Limited Edition “Caution Skateboarders” Tee-Shirt


The other day in Los Angeles, while skateboarding to work in the rain, I saw some yellow caution cones and had a deliciously malicious idea when I saw the triangular graphic. So I grabbed a sharpie marker from my desk, and went outside to draw some wheels and a kick tail on the black line under the falling person, and posted to Instagram. Throughout the day, I saw people passing by the cone. Some laughed, and some even stopped to take photos. I felt wickedly clever.

Now you can have this great graphic in the form of a silk-screened, limited-edition tee-shirt from Teespring. So do me a huge favor, and buy one before time runs out. I need to sell 100.







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National Hug A Drummer Day – Oct 10

National Hug A DrummerIt's official! Please take a moment to hug a drummer today. Or if you are so inclined, escalate that affection to the next level. And just so you know, I am a drummer!

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Pink & Blue Drum Wallpaper Variations

I just bought a new subscription to Photoshop CS6, opened a couple of my old wallpaper files - combined them - and created these festive, abstract pink/blue/purple/black drum images. They are varying degrees of contrast and grunge so you have options to choose from.

If you wish to download the image to use as wallpaper, just right-click and open into a new window. 2560x1440 images are 2-4 mb each, so please be patient for them to load.

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NelsDrums Chill Lounge House Laidback Spotify Playlist

Music to inspire creativity: nelsdrums chill lounge

I've created a new Spotify playlist with over 500+ tracks of electronic, chill, ambient, lounge, soundtrack, latin, indian, jazz and D.J. that you can shuffle all week long. Over 24 hours of incredible, hand-selected music. Feel free to subscribe, listen, and add some of your own.

Some of the featured artists include The Chemical Bros., Zero 7, DJ Shadow, Arling & Cameron, Amon Tobin, Groove Armada, Barry Adamson, Seks Bomba, DJ Cheb I. Sabbah, Air, and Fila Brazilia. Inspired by the amazing DJ Rusty Hodge of SOMA FM' Secret Agent. and dozens of other Spotify playlists that I've perused to draw tracks from.

Click here to listen on Spotify: nelsdrums chill lounge

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Drum Lessons?

I am donating drum lessons for my son's school auction. It will be the first time to teach since college. That's why I made this little promotional poster.

Here is a little bit of solo drumming.


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