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Eloise Dielman Memorial Bench

Here's the four-foot wide bench I designed-in collaboration with my father and sister Katrina-for my mom, Dorothy Eloise Dielman. Located at her final resting place in Mount Hope Cematery, Baker City, Oregon with a great view of the Elkhorn Mountains. She was particularly fond of Dogwood blooms and Kate Chopin.

I'm sure she enjoys all visitors. Especially those who come to relax and bring a book or knitting for their stay.

Photography does not do justice to the view from the bench.

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Skiing at Anthony Lakes on New Year’s Eve

Yes. That is a video of me skiing down Trouble Creek on New Year's Eve at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort.

Happy New Year, everyone. Below are some scenic panoramas that my daughter Rachel and I shot at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort and stitched together in Photoshop.

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Angry Owls Tee Shirts from Salem, Oregon

When I was a kid, I lived in Salem, Oregon. Salem was recently in the news for making joke signs a reality in Bush's Pasture Park where an "Angry Owl" has been attacking runners. This fits in perfectly with my Caution sign tee-shirt theme. So I designed a shirt.

Now you can wear the "Angry Owls" sign on a limited-edition silk-screened 2-sided t-shirt from Teespring.

nelsdrums-angry-owls-10-days-left Nelsdrums-Angry-Owl-Header Nelsdrums-Angry-Owl-Front Nelsdrums-Angry-Owl-Tee-Sample-1 Nelsdrums-Angry-Owl-Tee-Salem


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