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Speedshape Gift Exchange

We had a $20 gift exchange at lunch today. And the winner is...

Who gives a?

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Speedshape 2010 Digital Montage

Just in case you were wondering what I've been up to lately, here's a compilation of some of our best digital work. All neatly packaged in a dynamic reel that totally rocks.

When you watch this, keep one thing in mind: All is computer generated imagery, except for people -- which were real. At least, most of them were.

Optional small iphone version.

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Lexus Dark Ride on L Studio

A five minute cut down of the Lexus "Dark Ride" project we completed visual effects for at Speedshape has been added to the L Studio website (another project I concepted while freelancing at Team One). While you're watching, keep in mind that all exterior shots of the vehicle have been tracked and replaced with CG, and all action interior driving sequences were shot with a buck on a green screen stage.

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Executive Creative Director, Speedshape Venice

From the press release...

"Speedshape, Inc, with offices in Birmingham, MI and Venice, CA and providing services including CGI 3D/2d modeling, animation, virtual environments, VFX, motion, film, multimedia design, pre/post production, retouching, web design, digital asset management, distribution, closed captioning, and tagging has hired Nels Dielman as Sr. Creative Director."

Wow. That is a mouthful. Stay tuned for updates.


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