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Mac OS X 10.7 Kaleidoscope Video Screensavers

Video Kaleidoscope Star Screen Saver Sample

Video Kaleidoscope Trio Screen Saver Sample

There were a lot of requests for a Screen Saver version of "5 Hours of Adriana Lima" amongst the YouTube video comments. In response, I've designed these Macintosh OS X video screen savers that dynamically create a 5-point star or triangular Kaleidoscopic view of any Quicktime MOV, MP4 or M4V.

Above are YouTube video samples of what the screen savers look like. View full screen to get the full effect.

Sorry that there are no Windows versions of the screen savers. If you happen to create them, I will be happy to provide links.

(installation instructions included within 260mb ZIP)

(to use with your own videos. installation instructions included within 4.5mb ZIP)

Please keep in mind that these screen savers are very processor intensive. They are created purely for entertainment purposes.

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Lexus Innovation Full Line Expanding Video Banner


In these stylized expanding video banners, users can explore three Lexus innovations per vehicle via hot spots and a building block nav. Featuring the entire Lexus fleet of twelve vehicles, these banners function more like a microsite. One of the many click-thru destinations is the Lexus Innovation section of Lexus.com.

300x250 Expanding Video Banner
728x90 Expanding Video Banner
160x600 Expanding Video Banner

Don't forget to  rollover to explore Lexus technology  so you can see my nifty transparent block wipe transitions.


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