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Minecraft Enderman Desktop + Mobile Wallpaper PSD

Desktop Wallpaper

iPhone 5 Wallpaper

iPhone 4 iPod Touch Wallpaper

Took a break from Super Bowl madness at work to play some Minecraft with my sons on their new Bukkit servers. Found myself face-to-face with a menacing Enderman character and managed to snap a screenshot. I used that to create this graphic wallpaper. In three formats: Desktop, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (iPhone 4).

Scroll down and I've provided links to simplified Photoshop PSDs if you want to customize for yourself. I used the Minecraft Logo Alphabet font that you can get here, and if you play Minecraft, I suggest you try the amazing Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack.

Random Minecraft goodness. Here's a pretty epic Santa MVD made while I was putting lights on the Xmas tree.

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Kia Soul Hamsters Animated GIFs

Here are some leftover GIFs and a few wallpapers to brighten your day from the Kia Soul In My Mind Music Video Challenge.

Thanks to kickass creatives Sarah & Sean at DNG.

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Pink & Blue Drum Wallpaper Variations

I just bought a new subscription to Photoshop CS6, opened a couple of my old wallpaper files - combined them - and created these festive, abstract pink/blue/purple/black drum images. They are varying degrees of contrast and grunge so you have options to choose from.

If you wish to download the image to use as wallpaper, just right-click and open into a new window. 2560x1440 images are 2-4 mb each, so please be patient for them to load.

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Radial Zoom Blur Abstract Wallpaper

I created these eighteen abstract 2560px x 1440px wallpapers with Adobe Photoshop's radial zoom blur. You can create your own abstract wallpaper from any photo or graphic easily by downloading and installing this Photoshop Action nelsdrums radial blur.atn

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Flame Painter Abstract Wallpaper

I created these fifteen colorful abstract 2560px x 1440px wallpapers with Flame Painter. 

I also created nine nelsdrums custom flamepainter brushes that you can download and place into ~Username/Library/FlamePainter/Brushes I realize they just appear to be regular PNG images, but they contain all of the brush and gradient settings.


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