Melissa Etheridge Holiday CD Design

I was pretty excited for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer. I had an opportunity to do some comps for Melissa Etheridge’s upcoming holiday release, A New Thought For Christmas (released 9/30/08). The theme was global peace and tolerance. I came up with an iconic solution, which I can’t say I’ve seen before. A simple, graphic Christmas tree made out of peace signs. Melissa saw my comps and was thrilled to choose this one for the cover. I was psyched to think that I could add this to my collection of rocking holiday CDs!

About six weeks later, I got the unfortunate news from the Island Records representative that they decided to go with something else. C’est la vie.

While I admit their design is quite nice, I think my design would have looked way cooler featured in the iTunes music store. What do you think?


  1. Man, that would have been cool to score that Etheridge CD cover. The tree is a lot more interesting than the window sign…

  2. Yeah, my mommy would’ve been so proud.

  3. I love your design! The colors and design of the background brought up military images/feelings for me, with the peace tree, star and dove then becoming the dominant/overlying theme. We are all ready for that. I can see why Melissa liked it.

  4. Your design is a lot more intriguing and less commercial. I guess that was the “problem”. But I’d like to hear the music now to see which cover fits better to the sound (I think yours still wins).

  5. IMO, your design is way better – it emits a “warm” look & feel, it would tranlate to a smaller pic like an avatar well. Also if she chose, it could be made into jewelry, t-shirts & other marketing products. The design they chose is “cold” looking and feeling and cannot be made into other type of products

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